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Self Portraits Hawaii Winter 2021 Chelse

About Chelsea

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Self Portraits Hawaii Winter 2021 Chelse
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Hello, hello friend!

Hi, I’m Chelsea LaBenne (pronounced La-Ben)! I am your former wedding planner turned photographer that thrives off the details of your day and your relationship! I am here as your ultimate cheerleader, your support system, and your good vibes enthusiast. I am a dreamer of crazy ideas, plans for my life, and ways to be creative. I’m the one singing to every word and grooving until the last song at each wedding I attend. I'm the one getting lost in a book, while sitting in the sunlight and sipping my iced espresso. I was born and raised in the great PNW, married the cute boy I tagged along with during second grade recess, and together we’re raising our two daughters and pup. In my spare time you can find me at the beach with my family, hanging at a local brewery with our friends, or taking photos, because I wholeheartedly believe in making a career out of what I love!

How I started

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I must admit, I am a bit of a romantic. I see the world with a rosy glow and just a touch of magic. As a lover of creation and life, I have always found comfort and inspiration in witnessing others finding their passions whether that be in their relationship or just in life. I find laughing, snuggles, dancing, slowing down and creating to be joy in its truest form.


After graduating from college with my major in Communications and minor in Photography, I dove head first into event planning. A few years later, my first baby was born and I took a break from weddings to focus on my growing family. Soon though, I craved that joy I found in weddings, elopements, and working with my clients. So, diving head first again, I decided to set aside my hesitation of creating art via photographs, and took the plunge into this whole new side of your big day! Understanding weddings and elopements all around, is what sets me apart for you. I bring to the table not only my photography and ability to capture your day, but experience in the wedding world beyond photography. Details, working things through and the sometimes chaos of weddings is where I THRIVE! 


My style tends to be warm, and a bit more moody with a focus on candid shots, details, and movement. I have found that my couples are themselves in those in between moments when we are  having a drink and telling our favorite stories. Each session, each wedding, and elopement is special and unique because you two are special! I want to know you and what makes you tick so that I can capture the essence of who you are as people and a couple! 


Sound like your kind of jam? Picking up what I'm putting down? Hell yeah! Let's do this! Check out my investment page or head to the inquiry page if you're ready to take the leap with me!



I am freaking stoked to hear from you! 

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