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Self Portraits Hawaii Winter 2021 Chelse

About Chelsea

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Self Portraits Hawaii Winter 2021 Chelse
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Hello, hello friend!

Hi, I’m Chelsea LaBenne (pronounced La-Ben)! I am the gal you will never find without an iced espresso in hand, shuffling through the world's most random playlist of worship/ 90s hiphop/angsty punk rock, and chasing after my two littles all while staying up far too late to finish reading a juicy novel. When I'm not photographing for my clients, I'm photographing my children and the random details of my life. I'm a big believer in photos being a preservation of your memories - a way to remember the details our minds cannot always grasp. And I freaking love the way a photograph has the ability to transport us back to the emotions of the moment. 

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What makes me special

I began my career in this industry on the opposite end, planning and executing weddings and events with a brilliant team of creatives for an amazing company. When I found out my first little darling was coming, my perspective shifted. 

In college, I majored in Communication and Art - photography was a huge focus of mine and my love for it sparked even further as I dove head first into the wedding industry. With each couple I met, my passion for appreciating the moments and the details of their day grew, and I knew I wanted to be the one creating a visual diary of the day for my couples - able to stop and appreciate each moment with you instead of setting the moments up beforehand. 

My knowledge of weddings and elopements is well rounded and I am proud of and appreciative of the way I broke into this industry. With me, you get the artist who puts every effort into capturing the details, the moments, and the emotions of your day, while also having a deep understanding and love for the chaotic flow of weddings and adventurous elopements!

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